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January 2


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New Year's FREE Art Raffle! CLOSED

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 2, 2014, 2:06 AM


And the first winner is #214:  :iconxbubblyteax: with  Shira and Lily Reference 2013 by cleiv
I'll get started on your prize as soon as possible! ♥
Hey guys!!
What better way to celebrate the new year than giving out free gifts hmmm?? > u < ♥ That's why we decided to hold a new year's art raffle!! ♥ 
I still have some owed art to finish but I want to give my loyal watchers a chance at free art from me. ;) And I'm planning to become a LOT more active as soon as my exams are finished.. v n v I've been neglecting this account a bit it seems. 


YOU MUST BE A WATCHER! If you unwatch me after the raffle is over, you will be disqualified and you'll never get a chance at free art from me again. I'll remember your name. >3
• Write a comment below with a ref to your character. 
ONE CHARACTER PER PERSON! Also one comment per person obviously. No double entries plz. :meow:
Original characters only please. No fanart.
• I will give you a number. 
• When the raffle has ended, I'll use a random number generator ( to generate a number. 
• If your number comes up, YOU WIN YAYY! :la: 
• The number of winners is indefinite. If I'm in a super generous and artsy mood, I might choose more than one random winner. > u <
• NO DRAMA IN THE COMMENTS or you will be disqualified.

!!You can get MORE chances at winning!! Some actions might give you more numbers!!
• Fav this journal + 1 number
• Feature this raffle in a journal + 1 number
• Feature this raffle in a poll + 1 number
• Do all of the above + 1 extra number
Post the link to your journal/poll in your comment along with your character ref or chances might I won't see it. 

• Deadline is January 31st 2014! <3


• I will of course draw the character you gave me in your comment. :la:
• The prize you get might vary. You will win whatever I feel like drawing at the time. O 3 o
• It will be something like any of these:
Ball of fluff. by SodaButts.:White Comet:. by SodaButtsSo Magical. by SodaButts 
...or something else. It's going to be a suprise! :la: ♥ 
It could be an experimental picture, a simple cell-shaded picture, a chibi, a fake screenshot, a headshot, ANYTHING! O u O
( My two friends AlyArmadillo and Sprinkle-Butt did a raffle like this and it sounded like a more relaxing idea. So I'm going to do it this way because it'll be more fun for both me and all of you ;D ♥)




  • Mood: Cheerful
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K-Riddle Feb 1, 2014  Student Filmographer
Ah damn, well congrats to the winner
SodaButts Feb 1, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I will most likely pick more than one random winner later so you still have a chance then! > u <
K-Riddle Feb 1, 2014  Student Filmographer
Oooooh, I like those odds! Go number 161/162
Hirubi Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll enter!

Here's a ref to my character, Susie.…

I favourited this journal,  and featured it in my own here:…
SodaButts Jan 31, 2014  Student Digital Artist
also #236
SodaButts Jan 31, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Just in time.
#234 and #235!
CanisAlbus Jan 20, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I'd like to enter as well~

Here's a small ref-ish thing of Farzin, my arabian saluki character:

I also faved the journal `vī
SodaButts Jan 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I love that character so much ; u ; ♥
#231 and #232! 

Woop! Your art is truly awesome, and I wouldn't mind giving this a try :D


My character Chicco ref's:


Chicco - .:.PC for Swallowz.:. by Adelish

For Shallow by Owlus

You will always find me by mysteriousharu


The journal is ofc faved, I'll make a journal post about it too :3 This is really a kind and cute idea.

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